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Magnum Fish  $9.00

  Crayfish mix  $9.00

              Kick  $9.00


Cherry Cherry  coon bait - sweet cherry, thick and natural    4 oz  $12.00 


Red River Coon Lure

on special

$3.00 for 2 oz RRCn

For luring RACCOON

*Denotes lure especially suitable for Animal Damage Control work

NEW! Holding power saves money on lure and this time we added whole salmon eggs to the lure. Yep, it smells just like the good old salmon egg bait, but it holds all season.

8 oz bottle 10.00

Main Course - Paste,  all fish   16 oz.  $10.00

SUMMER COON the ADC persons dream lure for Coon - by the feeders, in the barn, garden or around the pond or cabin SUMMER COON gets the coon

4 oz   $12.00

Main Course - Coon bait: fresh fish layed in fish oil with crayfish and shellfish oils added.

16 oz $10.00 MnCrse

*Smoked Crawdad

No coon can resist, also takes canines.

4 oz   $10.00 SmCD crawdads are wonderful for the coon and mink fast food menu.  Added smoked flavor to this product.

 *Coon Candy


4 oz   $12.00 CnCA


8 oz   $19.00
X-Caliber  minty, sweet bait Coon and rats caught in numbers, great around water or dry land sets for coon. 4 oz Squirt Bottle $12.00 XCal
Coon Smear The very best culvert lure. Sweet, enticing mixture. Very effective,  it sticks where you put it. 1 oz  $ 4.00CnSmr


4 oz  $12.00CnSmr
Night Prowler coon and mink bait crayfish/shellfish blend. We have even taken fox and coyotes with this 8 oz $10.00NPrl 16 oz $17.00NPrl


*The Fruit Jar   Perfect for Coon, all natural fresh fruit, cherries and plums! Great Grey Fox  lure 4 oz  $ 12.00FJ  
Shellfish Base Smear Raccoons go wild for shellfish. They'll lick this bait right up.  Fruit flavored shellfish   

4 oz $12.00ShBt


Shellfish Smear Fine shellfish smear which calls coons from far away. Coons like bad, wet weather, so don't be without this when the weather is nasty. 1 oz $4.00 ShSmr

4 oz $12.00 ShSmr

Water's Edge 3 Attracts the three river and creek travelers;  mink, muskrat and raccoon. Reports say the mouths of creeks are top spots for this lure. I have a bottle with me just for a change or when I have a well traveled area used by all. 1 oz $4.00 WE3  

4 oz $12.00 WE3-4


Sweet Drop A bean in the hole will start off your season. Use this for fast numbers early in the season. Not a cold weather lure. 1 oz $4.00 SwDr 4 oz $12.00 SwDr
*Sweet Paste A tropical smear. Increase your catch in high pressure areas. 1 oz $4.00 SwPa 4 oz $12.00 SwPa4



It STICKS WHERE YOU PUT IT Powerful crayfish smell, Coon and mink can't resist it. It's all meat and smeared to give you extra protection during changes of weather.  Holds the smell loner than others do. .

1 oz $4.00 SmrIT 4 oz $12.00 SmIt4
*Peanut Smear  Greg Schroeder of NAFA likes this when he's trapping. 1 oz $4.00 PnSmr


4 oz $12.00 PnSmr4


*Double Butterscotch Smear

  WOW!! It's strong!!  

I sell out at every show. But, I keep some back at the shop for Internet orders. Believe me, you need this lure for coon!  Lures don't have to smell bad to be good.  Early season, this kills coon. My ADC customers can't start without this one!

4 oz $12.00 DBSmr   1 Quart $75.00

*Candy Corn Sweet, appealing corn oil for raccoon. 1 oz $4.00 CdyC 4 oz $12.00 CdyC4
Land & Water  Food lure really calls in the right setting and this one does for water & land.  This was made originally for the raccoon, but it's more than a coon lure, all animals take to it. 1 oz $4.00 LW


4 oz $12.00 LW


Coon Chunks Mid-season to snow-on-the-ground lure. This fish bait adds numbers. 4 oz $12.00 CnCK


Anise  Smear Powerful smell in a wet weather holding smear should leave this one out of your pack. 4 oz $12.00 AniSmr
Anise Oil use it straight for beaver, muskrat and coon. 1 oz  $ 4.00  AniO 4 oz $12.00 AniOil4
Processed Fish  Moist fish processed with oil.  Blended with crayfish and shellfish 16 oz $ 8.00  
Fermented Egg  unlike synthetic egg, this is made from actual eggs.  Blended with a Fixodent and aged in the sun.  Wonderful coyote lure. 4  oz $10.00 8 oz $16.00

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Attractors - Coon and Mink


 Plastic/rubber - unscented 


$6.95 doz Frgs


3" Silver Shad w/black back 



$6.95 doz SShad-s


$4.95 dozSShad-u

Red Shrimp 

Real movement in water, attach to your trap pan.


$6.95 doz RdSh-sr


$4.95 doz RdShr-u

The Best in Crayfish

Red Brown in color - real movement 


$6.95 doz CF-s


$4.95 doz CF-u

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