*Denotes lure especially suitable for Animal Damage Control work

 Pro Coyote Plus - Extremely smooth smelling bait made with oils and aged meat. It will hold odor well in cold, nasty weather and offer them a real reason to stay for a meal.

8 oz jar  $10.00 


 Pro Fox Plus         

This powerful meat bait has more appeal then any other meat bait on the market today mid to late season bait will carry down the trail to bring the fox to your set and hold him at your set till you get the catch.
16 oz.  $10.00 



Bag Lunch is the first bag lure which is tested for canines. It's convenient, has a good natural base which allows for a good visual, waterproof, does not leach into the ground, and dry. It comes in its own bag, easy to apply too.
This lure is equal to 16 oz liquid lure, in a 4 oz bag.

4oz. Bag   $9.00 


Prime Canine  late season lure 10oz  $ 9.00   
TOP 3 Lure   smeared gland for cats, coyote and fox    1oz  $ 4.00


High Voltage

The  ultimate call  lure  on the market  today  One  application needed....It  keeps on calling  in any weather conditions. Bring  your game close to you.  use  HIGH VOLTAGE.


4 OZ    $  14.00  



New All Around Lure - smeared or oil -
We have not seen anything it will not attract!

$4.00 oz.






 *Obsession The old fashion horse hoof lure...loud, intense flat set liquid bait! 1 oz. $4.00
Double Trouble A fox and coyote liquid bait extremely appealing to any canine! 1 oz. $4.00
"Post Set"  For Fox - gelled fox urine.  A SMEAR that will not wash away. 8 oz. $9.00

All Season Fox taker

*"Hole In One"

Meat, musk and gland all in one make this an all season fox taker


4 oz $10.00 

8 oz. $18.00


Cherry Red Bait - One teaspoon at the hole set makes their mouth water.  Four meats, including bobcat.  Tainted just to the right minute. 16 oz $8.00  
Red Gland 007 - This is the James Bond of gland lures.  Older cherry reds act fearlessly coming to this.  This is one of the best!  1 oz. $4.00   4 oz $12.00
WILD SKUNK 1 oz. $8.00  
Fox Food Lure - If you have trapping pressure, add this lure to your inventory.  Fruity tang will get greys. 1 oz. $4.00 
Wetland Canine  Use in marshlands, lowlands, river bottoms or creek areas.  This meat base and castor has been a favorite in lowland areas for years.  16 oz $8.00  
Meat Paste Potpourri of three meats, castor and three other ingredients.  This has a positive effect on the appetite of fox, coyote, raccoon, and even fisher.  A top-of-the-line meat paste.  No additives, just good meat.  16 oz $8.00
Energizer Call Lure Supreme quality.  A call that will increase traffic on your canine line.  Smeared for dynamite holding power.  It's very long lasting.   1 oz $4.00 4 oz $12.00
Track Maker Canines will walk the  line you make with this squirt of lure. Acts as a drag that keeps them coming.  Pint $12.00
Fall Harvest Small rodent meat bait.  Strong, sharp carrying scent.  Use with urine and Red Fox Gland 007. 4 oz $10.00  
Just Grey! A great food lure for grey fox. 1 oz $4.00   4 oz $12.00   
Red Fox Urine Pint $5.75   Quart $9.50 Gallon $24.00
Grey Fox Urine
Pint $5.75  

Quart $9.50

Gallon $23.00
Skunk Blend To cover your human scent in the wild.  Cut with oil so you can stand to use it.  It has power but isn't nauseating.  1 oz $4.00 4 oz $14.00
Spell Bound gland base- good for coyotes too! 1 oz $4.00 4 oz. $14.00


Coyote 100 Gland Lure needs no bait in the hole. 1 oz $4.00 4 oz $12.00
Meat Paste Potpourri off three meats, castor and three other ingredients.  This has a positive effect on the appetite of fox, coyote, raccoon and even fisher. A top-of-the-line meat past. No additives just good meat. 16 oz $7.00

Coyote Urine Pint $6.75 Quart $10.25 Gallon $27.00

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